13 Most Stunning TV Deaths of 2020

With 2020 over at last, it's time to look back at some of the biggest TV deaths of the year.

With fewer shows on the air, and many not getting to film proper season finales, there were also fewer deaths than the years before.

But that doesn't make the final scenes for these men and women any less heartbreaking.

May they all rest in peace. Well, most of them anyway…

1. Lagertha – Vikings

Lagertha on vikings

One of TV’s most popular characters was killed off in the first half of the final season of the fantasy drama.

Fans threatened producers before her death, and they continued to turn up the heat after it.

The death was the fulfillment of a prophecy, so we should have seen it coming.

2. Cody – Big Sky

Ryan phillippe on big sky

ABC marketed Big Sky with Ryan Phillipe as its male lead but delivered a stunning twist at the close of the series premiere when his character, Cody, was gunned down in brutal fashion.

It helped the show become one of the most talked-about of the year, but it’s hard not to wonder what would have happened if Cody remained a part of the drama.

3. Mary (Gamma) – The Walking Dead

Thora birch on the walking dead

Mary became an integral part of the Whisperers arc on the AMC hit, but as it started to wind down, she was killed by Beta.

The series thrives on killing people off, but this one could have been way more satisfying had her arc reached a conclusion.

4. Kenny – Killing Eve

Kenny killing eve

Killing Eve’s uneven third season kicked off with the death of fan-favorite Kenny, leading to a string of “Oh, my god. You killed Kenny” memes.

The creative decision was not a good one, but at least it sent Carolyn spiraling like never before.

5. Bonnie – How to Get Away With Murder

Bonnie and frank on how to get away with murder

Bonnie endured so much trauma that it was inevitable she would perish at the final hurdle.

Frank’s death was predictable because of his past, but there was hope that Bonnie would pull through.

6. Justin – 13 Reasons Why

Justin on 13 reasons why

Justin’s tragic death felt like 13 Reasons Why choosing to go out with its final season in shocking fashion.

He was diagnosed with AIDS in the series finale, and died shortly after.

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